Wright College

Wright College4300 Narragansett
Chicago, IL 60634

Chapter Listings


Chapter Chair
Daniel Borzutzky
w: 773-481-8864
Assistant Chapter Chair
Maria Markou
w: 773-777-7900
Grievance Chair
Bill Marsh
w: 773-777-7900


Wilbur Wright College is a learning-centered, multi-campus institution of higher education offering students of diverse backgrounds, talents, and abilities a quality education leading to baccalaureate transfer, career advancement, and/or personal development.

Our Purpose

To ensure that students receive the quality education identified in our mission, Wright College will provide the following:

Continuous Assessment:

Continuous assessment of students, personnel, and programs through placement and progress testing of students, instructor evaluations of student performance, student and college evaluations of instruction and active involvement of community and program advisory committees in program reviews.

Quality Instructors:

Quality instructors who help students define their goals, remain current in their disciplines and the art and technologies of teaching through professional development and periodic evaluations by peers and students. And are devoted to effective classroom teaching and learning are oriented to student learning outcomes, help students take responsibility for their own learning and help students see practical applications of classroom learning.

Relevant Curricula:

Relevant curricula that meet the transfer needs of the Illinois Articulation Initiative, satisfy industry and professional job requirements, lead to certification in specific fields and reflect the interests and needs of the students, employers, and community.

Student Support Services:

Student support services for classroom instruction and learning,
non-academic services to address student needs and
resources to foster personal development and self-expression.

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