Wear Red Thursdays

We are looking to show strength and solidarity across all of our campuses in preparation for the upcoming City Colleges of Chicago contract negotiations. The first act of solidarity you decided to participate in is Wear Red Thursdays! This is a great way to show solidarity, so Local 1600 is looking to help each member of the union get their hands on a red t-shirt.

For a limited time, Local 1600 will be selling our red union logo t-shirt for $15 to encourage members to participate in the Wear Red Thursdays action. Local 1600 is happy to travel to your campus and help your members get a hold of one of these t-shirts.

If you are interested in having Local 1600 at your campus to sell shirts, contact your Chapter Chair to reserve a table for us. All t-shirts will be $15 for a limited time only in order to encourage members to join the Wear Red Thursdays action.

Please call the union office (312-755-9400) or email Zach Poulos (zpoulos@ccctu.org) to arrange a time for us to come out to your campus.

This action is not limited to the City Colleges either! We encourage all members at all of our campuses to participate in Wear Red Thursdays. Our power is in numbers and solidarity. Be sure to show your solidarity each Thursday!


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