Trump’s Education Pick Disaster for Public Schools

Betsy DeVos, Donald Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education, is widely unqualified for the position and, worst of all, an enemy to public education. DeVos has never attended a public school, her children do not attend public schools nor every had to borrow a loan to pay for school, she has never served as an administrator for a public school, overseen or managed a billion dollar loan program, and the list goes on. DeVos’ only connection to education is in the untold amounts of money that she has spent over the years influencing education policy.

Rather than supporting public education, DeVos has campaigned for school privatization and unaccountable, profit-driven charter schools. She also strongly supports a voucher system. She looks to separate government from education, eliminating the financial support many of the students at our campuses rely on. Her very ideology of education is an affront to what many of our members work towards each day and this union stands for: access to quality, public education.

DeVos comes from unimaginable wealth and has contributed hundreds of millions of dollars (being modest) to the Republican Party. She is so far removed from the public sphere that she is unaware of the very conversations happening in and around public education. At the core, DeVos wants to remove what she calls “government-run schools” (public education) and replace it with more “traditional American virtues.” In short, DeVos looks to defund public education and replace it with the fundamentalist Judeo-Christian teachings that she was brought up with.

During her confirmation hearing, many Democrats took the opportunity to bring to light exactly how unqualified Betsy DeVos is for the position of Secretary of Education. Below you can find several articles that further explain DeVos’ positions, as well as clips from her confirmation hearing:

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Jacobin: Betsy DeVos’s Golden Age


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