Daley College

 Richard J Daley College7500 South Pulaski Road
Chicago, IL 60652
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Chapter Chair
Michael Held
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Assistant Chapter Chair
Eric Fuoco
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Grievance Chair
Charles Mustari
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About Daley

William J. Bogan Junior College, 1960-70
The City Colleges of Chicago established its Southwest Side branch in Bogan High School in 1960. Bogan’s beginnings in 1960 were modest. Slightly over 1,000 students, mostly part-time, took evening courses taught by part-time instructors in the high school classrooms.

Southwest College, 1970-1977
Bogan’s growth was rapid. In a few years it had outgrown the limited space in the high school and was spreading east along 79th Street in trailers and store fronts. The demands for day classes became more insistent. In 1970, having acquired fourteen acres on Pulaski Road adjacent to Ford City Shopping Center, The City Colleges of Chicago opened its full-time “interim” campus of six prefabricated buildings and four trailers. The school was called Southwest College, because it became a college for the Southwest community for those whose jobs and families prevented them from seeking education on a university campus. But even then plans were laid and ground broken for the $26 million facility that now serves the entire City as well as the Southwest side of Chicago.

Richard J. Daley College, 1977-Present
It was Richard J. Daley, Chicago’s six-term Mayor, who laid the plans and broke the ground for the College. His commitment to the residents of the Southwest community made the college a reality, and so a week after his death, the school was renamed Richard J. Daley College. Mayor Daley did not live to dedicate the new building when its doors opened in 1981, but his ideals and aspirations for the people of Chicago are embedded in its walls. The college now offers high quality instruction in our credit program with 55 full-time faculty members and over 5,000 enrolled students. Our total population is 18,615 in all programs (Foundational Courses-Pre-credit, Credit, Career and Technical Education, Continuing Education, Special Interest, Adult Education and Vocational Skills)*. Daley College continues the tradition which began at Lane and Crane in 1911 of offering university-bound students a solid Liberal Arts education in their own neighborhoods at a cost working people can afford. Moreover, it continues to respond to the changing needs of Chicago and its people by infusing traditional studies with the technical, career, and occupational curricula to reflect the needs of our time. Daley College also provides an important community service by offering free literacy and English as a Second Language classes to more than 5,000 students in its Adult Education Program.

Daley’s students study and work in a facility equipped with a 60,000-volume library, laboratories for Accounting, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Languages, Microcomputers, ample classroom space, a gymnasium, a pool, a cafeteria and a Student Activities Center. Daley graduates transfer to colleges and universities of Illinois, or join the workforce of Chicago.

Richard J. Daley College is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Universities, 30 North LaSalle Street, Chicago, Illinois 60602 (312) 263-0456.

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