Moraine Valley Adjunct Meeting

In the Student Services building at Moraine Valley, adjunct faculty, advisors, counselors and librarians (members of the Moraine Valley Adjunct Faculty Organization) gathered in solidarity. Surrounded by members sporting their AdjunctStrong “A” pins, Local 1600 President Tony Johnston provided an update on the ongoing contract negotiations at Moraine and a strategic analysis of the best ways for members to support one another through on-campus action.

An engaging, informative (and funny) Q&A session led by 1600’s Legal Counsel Brenda Pryor addressed the nuanced questions of adjuncts anxious to learn about the future of their contract. In a striking testament to the organizing work of the AdjunctStrong committee at Moraine, the mood in the room was steadfastly positive and every seat was filled.

After this re-energizing hour spent with Brenda & Tony, more solidarity actions are sure to follow. Check the halls of Moraine Valley for AdjunctStrong tables in the coming weeks!

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