Local 1600 Election Results

The election results for Local 1600’s local-wide officers race were announced at the March House of Delegates meeting. The results were decisive. All Local 1600 officers retained their positions.

This election is a testament to the fact that members are excited about the direction this Union is heading. Without a doubt, over the last year or more, Local 1600 has become a more active and militant Union, fighting for legislation to support our school systems, vocalizing our concerns about those running our schools, and working with community groups and progressive politicians to increase the quality of our schools and members lives.

We look forward to continuing the work we have started. There is plenty left to accomplish and need strong solidarity between all of our members if hope to continue the progress we have made this far.

Below are the election results.

Election Results

President: Tony Johnston

Vice President-City Colleges: Rochelle Robinson-Dukes

Vice President-Suburban Faculty: Delwyn Jones

Vice President-Classified: Rose Marie Sakanis

Secretary: Missy Cabrera

Treasurer: Rashid Carter

Grievance Chair: CM Winters Palacio

Legislative Chair: Sean Noonan

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