Contract Campaign Training Recap

On October 29, City Colleges of Chicago faculty and professionals attended a training session for their upcoming contract negotiations. The primary focus of the day was garnering union support from members and member-to-member interactions.

The morning started with a discussion of the strength in solidarity from members, touching on the efforts Local 1600 has already made and the many victories we’ve had so far, such as the vote of no confidence in Cheryl Hyman and the ACCU Town Hall. Actions like these prove that our strength lies in numbers and together we can achieve serious victories.

The day was then split into two sections: the first part of the day placed members from different campuses and different job classes into a training session with a CTU organizer. This section allowed members from various campuses to exchange stories and experiences with each other, understanding similarities and differences across the different schools and even job classes. This gave members a chance to realize that problems at Olive-Harvey are not unlike the problems members are facing at Truman. Through this unified front, members are able to organize on similar issues, despite being at different colleges.

The second half of the day focused more precisely on each campus. The CTU organizer had members from their campus assessing the likelihood of getting the other members at that campus to participate in solidarity actions, such as wearing a button, attending a board meeting, and so forth. They then collaborated on ways to show solidarity across the campuses. Members decided that wearing red on Thursdays was a strong first action.

While the coming negotiations will not be easy, and there is still plenty to learn, the training on October 29 revitalized many members. There was a feeling of renewed confidence that by working together and harnessing the lessons learned at this training, members are able to take on any task.

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