Chicago Women’s March Recap

With an initial prediction of 50,000 people, the Women’s March in Chicago quickly surpassed that number reaching a staggering quarter of a million protesters–the third largest of the day behind Los Angeles and Washington D.C. Members of Local 1600 joined the 250,000 people of Chicago, and 200 other cities around the country, to show solidarity with immigrants living in their cities, demand women’s rights, and protest against the election of Donald Trump.

A short rally was held at Grant Park, but protesters quickly gathered to the streets. People of every race, gender, sexual orientation, and so forth gathered for the same reasons, filling the streets with chants and waving posters. One woman we met was carrying a sign with a picture of her grandmother on it that marched 50 years ago for women’s rights.

The demonstration should not act as an exclamation point to Donald Trump’s election, but rather it should be an ellipses. Our hope is that this type of demonstration that gathered this many people is only the first of many to come over the next four years. People of this country from immigrants to minorities and women to unions face a very real threat in our president. Donald Trump seeks to remove rights that protect these people, our environment, and our jobs. If we have any hope of preventing any policies that he has mentioned pushing forward, we are going to need a lot more of these demonstrations.

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