CCCTU Scholarship Donation Request

Your career is committed to Community College students. You hear their dreams and know their challenges. You help them reach their goals. Your union hears their vision and thoughts every year through the Norman G Swenson (NGS) Scholarship Program. Below are some some quotes from previous NGS winners and how they benefited from the scholarship:

“I am the first in my family to graduate from college and this scholarship would be an amazing first step.”

“We are all unique in our own way, but when people choose to help each other out, it shows how beautiful our society can be.”

“I don’t believe that people should be a product of their community (Cabrini-Green Projects), but rather that they should seek a better quality of life through their Community College.”

“[I] grew up in a small village in Nepal. I have a goal to work with immigrant and refugee populations.”

“[This Scholarship] would be a huge motivator to continue to work hard in school, work, and all areas of my life.”

“It is my dream to care for patients and their families in a Chicago-area hospital.”

“Due to certain commitments, paying for school is always difficult. I often rely on credit and loans to pay for school.”

“At age 54, I was working a hum-drum job. Through college I learned new knowledge and skills which changed my thinking and actions resulting in new life fulfilling opportunities.”

“[I] look forward to the day when I can be the person who can inspire students to learn and grow.”

Make a donation to students from the Community Colleges by donating to the NGS Scholarship Fund. Every year, your union selects and awards scholarships to 14 students, one from each college represented by CCCTU. The Scholarship Award is based on the donations from our members. Please be generous, a check payable to the “NGS Scholarship Fund”, and mail it to: CCCTU, Attn: Scholarships, 1901 W. Carroll Suite 200, Chicago, IL 60612.


CCCTU Scholarship Committee:

Sal Attinello, Missy Cabrera, Debra Callen, Maria Estrada, Bernette Glover, Lesa Hildebrand, George Otto, Don Radtke, and Phil Stucky.

Want to pay online with credit card? click link below:

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