CCCTU Members Join the Picket Line to Support CTU Teachers on Strike

CTU teachers take to the Streets for a fair contract

For the first time in 25 years, members of the Chicago Teachers Union went out on strike. Teachers fought for respect and a fair contract and members of the CCCTU were right by their side, manning picket lines throughout the city.

Local 1600 Vice-President Rochelle Robinson-Dukes picketed at Ray Elementary with her son, Scott Franklin Dukes, a CPS student. Vice President Dave Richmond picketed at Lane Tech High School with a contingent of Harper College faculty. On Wednesday, Harper union members were encouraged to wear red in solidarity with CTU. Legislative Chair Bill Naegele, a CTU member, manned the picket line at 6:30 am at Board headquarters along with CTU members and the “infamous union rat”. Grievance Chair Chuck Mustari has been picketing at Chicago High School for the Agricultural Sciences.

Scott Franklin Dukes, son of VP Rochelle Robinson-Dukes, poses with Ms.Webb, a CTU
teacher at Ray Elementary in Hyde Park.

At the July House of Representatives, CCCTU passed a resolution of support for the CTU in their struggles. At our September House meeting a motion was made for CCCTU to provide some financial support and individual chapters to also sent letters of support along with financial support.

After negotiating since last November and failing to arrive at an equitable agreement, CTU members approved a strike with over 90% of all members voting yes.



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