Buckley and Pryor Update Triton Mid-Managers at Annual In-Service

photo from Triton Mid-Managers meeting on March 18, 2011

CCCTU President Perry Buckley and Legal Counsel Brenda Pryor pose with the Mid-Managers' Kay Frey, John Cadero, Rosa Preston and Elvis Ortega.

While the faculty is on spring break, the Mid-Managers Association of Triton College hosted their annual In-Service Day on Friday, Mar.18, which allows the members a break from their daily duties to come together and share ideas. Chapter Chair John Cadero and his officers developed the agenda to include Geoff Atkins’ Bubble Wonders Show, the awarding of Service Pins, and an update from Local 1600.

CCCTU President Perry Buckley discussed a variety of topics affecting educational related personnel in the state of Illinois. SURS is in trouble as is CIP because of the reluctance of our state politicians to live up to their end of the deal. “The average teacher pension is $42,000. You pay 9 ½ % of your paycheck to SURS and .9 of 1% CIP. We have done our part yet it seems fashionable these days to blame state employees for the mess created downstate.”

Locally, Buckley discussed the recent election of CCCTU officers including Triton’s Deb Baker as union secretary. A question arose about the two contested positions for Triton’s Board of Trustees. John Cadero brought the membership up-to-speed on those issues.  Buckley stated that Local 1600 will endorse the candidates chosen by Cadero, Classified Chapter Chair Missy Cabrera and Faculty Chair Stu Sikora. Buckley also commended Cadero for his solid leadership representing his constituency downtown.

  • Local 1600 Legal Council Brenda Pryor summarized some of the issues that she has faced in her three years with CCCTU with a handout of what is expected in the workplace:
  • “Continually asking a co-worker out on a date can be considered sexual harassment and possibly stalking. That is what E-Harmony is for.”
  • Selling goods on campus during work hours is unacceptable behavior. “You have a fiduciary duty to the college while on the clock.”
  • Though checking your email while on break may be acceptable, downloading from or uploading to the internet is not. Remember that the boss owns the computer and pays for the internet service. “All surfing goes through the college server.”
photo from Triton Mid-Managers meeting on March 18, 2011

Perry Buckley updates the members of Triton College's Mid-Managers Association of issues that affect their jobs on Mar. 18.

Cadero introduced recently elected grievance chair Elvis Ortega and commended outgoing grievance chair and school nurse Jackie Marx for her diligence and dedication. Rosa Preston presented “Nurse Jackie” with the gift of flowers. In Cadero’s own words, “The Mid-Managers annual in-service was well attended. The membership appreciated the union updates from Perry Buckley and Brenda Pryor. Everyone enjoyed the two laid back presentations featuring the Bubble Man and communications expert Holly Nagel.”

Pictures of the event can be viewed at www.Local1600.SmugMug.com.

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