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The Cook County College Teachers Union, Local 1600, represents over 5,000 members in 23 chapters in Cook County. We represent faculty members, professional employees, classified employees, retirees and adjuncts within our local. Since 1965, we have had experience protecting members under the labor law and grievance procedure. In many collective bargaining contracts we negotiate, we have enhanced the professional status, pay and working conditions of our members.

Local 1600 is affiliated with the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest union organization. We are also affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, a national union of educators with nearly 1,000,000 members. Through the AFT, our members are connected to a wide range of benefits. AFT members share in special insurance plans, low-cost credit cards, discount vacations, discount rates at hotels, computers at discounted prices, legal services and a special home mortgage program. We receive from the AFT a wide range of union services such as educational research, legal help and legislative help in Washington D.C. to pass bills that strengthen educators and education nationally.

We are affiliated with the Illinois Federation of Teachers, the strongest teacher federation in Illinois. Through the IFT, we receive help in Springfield for legislation that directly affects community college employees in Illinois such as tenure rights, civil service protection rights, health care benefits, and job protection. The IFT also extends legal help and research to our Local.

New members receive a wide range of benefits from Local 1600 such as credit union membership, discount buying services, low-rate Union MasterCard eligibility, and special free insurance benefits.

Research studies prove that unionized employees are paid higher salaries and have better health insurance plans than non-unionized employees. Your job security is enhanced by Union membership since you will have a powerful organization fighting to protect your job. The Union, through its experience in negotiating contracts, knows how to improve your on-the-job working conditions. Through the contract grievance process, Union members can protect their professional status and rights.

We hope that you will become a member of the Cook County College Teachers Union, Local 1600.

Member Colleges
City Colleges of Chicago
Daley College
Kennedy-King College
Malcolm X College
Olive Harvey College
Truman College
Harold Washington College
Wilbur Wright College

Suburban Colleges
Harper College
Moraine Valley Community College
South Suburban College
Morton College
Oakton Community College
Prairie State College
Triton College